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Flow-flation: menstruators struggling with the increase cost of living

Posted by Jannie Nheng on 12 October 2023
Flow-flation: menstruators struggling with the increase cost of living

People who menstruate are grappling with the rising cost of living and this impacts their ability to afford period products, especially those who experience period poverty. According to a report released in March 2023 by Women and Gender Equality Canada, one in five people who menstruate indicate they may struggle to afford period products over the next year. 

Inflation began in mid 2021 and increased to its fastest pace in four decades. By fall 2022, nearly half Canadians stated they were concerned with their household’s ability to afford housing or rent, and one in four Canadians said they were unable to cover an unexpected expense of $500. Inflation remains persistently high today and according to Statistics Canada’s Consumer Price Index, the cost of personal care items like tampons and pads are up 6.2% compared to last year

Inflation has exacerbated period poverty, making the situation more dire for those already experiencing it. In an interview with Global News, Meryl Wharton, president of Allan Gardens Food Bank, shared that a client needed pads for her three daughters. The Food Bank could only give her six pads and she cut them in half in an effort to prolong the usage. 

This is the stark reality people face where wages and earnings are not increasing at a rate to keep up with the growing prices of food and shelter. As the cost of living continues to rise across the country, advocates share that many people who menstruate are unwittingly choosing between feeding their families and buying menstrual products

Wondering how you can help ensure that those who menstruate have adequate access to period products? Visit The Period Purse to find more information on donating.
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How to Talk to Kids About Periods

Posted by Vikki VanSickle on 4 September 2023
How to Talk to Kids About Periods

Periods 101, our education presentation that covers the basics of menstruation for kids in grades five through nine, is our most requested presentation. For many of our young participants, it’s the first time they’ve had any period education. Inevitably, one of the adults in the room will also say, “I didn’t know that!” or, “How did I not know that?”

The answer is that when it comes to periods, many adults did not receive adequate education. Many of us only had a single class devoted to periods in middle school, and the topic never came up again, except behind closed doors, with friends. For some people, especially those who don’t menstruate, it never came up at all. A lack of education leads to stigma, something that is evident in the shocking statistic that only 46% of Canadians are comfortable talking about periods, ranking it lower than sex, politics and STIs (Plan International Canada). Kids take their cues from the adults around them, so if you aren’t comfortable talking about periods, chances are they won’t be, either. 

We decided to address this discomfort by creating a new education presentation specifically designed for parents, caregivers, and any adults looking to become more period literate and therefore be a trusted, period positive resource for the kids in their lives- now our fifth period positive presentation!

How To Talk to Kids About Periods is designed for adults who want up-to-date information on periods, period products and how to find the words to talk about a subject that for some, may be a little uncomfortable. In this one-hour education presentation participants will learn:

  • Tips and tricks for normalizing period talk at home

  • The importance of using the right language

  • Period basics, including some of the FAQs we get from kids in our presentations

  • The range of available period products and how to use them

  • What a typical tween period looks like (and how to know when it’s coming)

  • How to prepare for a child’s first period

This presentation can be presented virtually across Canada or in-person in the Greater Toronto Area. We’d love to educate your book club, parent council, community leaders, staff or any other group hoping to become confident, informed, period positive resources for the children in their lives. To find out more or to book a presentation, email:

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M. Nation for Android is here!

Posted by Tait G. on 4 July 2023
M. Nation for Android is here!

It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago, we launched M. Nation, our free iOS period tracking app - for youth, by youth. We were proud to work alongside the Privacy Pro and U of T Blueprint on our iOS app last year. 

But wait… Not just iOS and Apple users menstruate! What about us Android users?


This year, we were delighted to work alongside another team of U of T Blueprint designers and developers to create an Android version of the M. Nation app. 

Now, you can download M.Nation on all Android devices here!

Just like our iOS M.Nation app, the Android version is free and inclusive for all youth who menstruate. We love that both versions of our app respect users’ privacy. The M.Nation app stores all the data locally on each users’ device. We don’t collect and can’t access any users’ data.

As a user, you have the option to link your data to your Google or iCloud drive so that you can make sure your period tracking data travels with you device to device. But whether you want to do that is up to you!

Our app has a “more information” page, so there’s an opportunity to learn not just about your symptoms and cycle, but your period product options, too! 

Now that our app is available to both iOS and Android users, we hope more menstruators will become comfortable tracking their period cycle, naming their symptoms and feel more confident with their bodies and periods. 

We hope that you will check it out!

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A Team-Building Experience for a Worthy Cause

Posted by Jana Girdauskas on 2 June 2023
A Team-Building Experience for a Worthy Cause

Are you looking for a unique and impactful team-building experience that will not only bring your corporate team, book club, group of friends & family closer but also contribute to a vital social cause? Look no further! We invite you and your team to join us for an educational and engaging two-hour session at our storage facility in Etobicoke, where we tackle the issue of period poverty and work towards menstrual equity. By participating in this event, you will gain valuable insights into an important social issue and also actively contribute to making a difference in your community.

Join our Employee Engagement Packing Party 

Together, you will count, sort, and pack donated materials, preparing them for distribution to local menstruators in need. By engaging in these practical tasks, you will experience the fulfillment that comes from actively making a difference in the lives of others.

During the two-hour session, you will be introduced to the concept of menstrual equity, which goes beyond simply providing products but also aims to ensure that everyone has access to safe, affordable, and appropriate menstrual care. As your team packs period packs, we will shed light on the scope of period poverty, its impact on individuals and communities, and the importance of our mission.

The cost of this team-building experience is $400* (price set to increase Fall 2023), with all fees directly contributing to our mission. Join us on a journey to support menstrual equity and create positive social impact. 

*fee goes directly towards our mission and you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt.

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How are you committed to Menstrual Health Day?

Posted by Jannie Nheng on 20 April 2023
How are you committed to Menstrual Health Day?

Many people around the world who experience periods are shamed and excluded even though it is a normal bodily function. May 28 is International Menstrual Health* Day (MH Day), an annual day of awareness to address challenges with accessing menstrual products, break taboos and mobilize funding needed to take action. So, how will you commit to menstrual equity this year? Here are some options:

Bloody Great Run 
Our #BloodyGreatRun is a chance to move your body, build a sense of community and make a difference.  Move your body for 28km over any 28 days to raise funds and awareness.
Step 1: Build a team! Invite colleagues, friends and family to participate.
Step 2: Commit to moving for 28 days while raising funds for menstrual equity.

Run a Mini Drive
This Menstrual Health Day, help get period products into the hands of those who need them by organizing a mini drive. Mini Drives are collections of period products or online financial donations which can be big, small. Start your mini drive today with friends and colleagues.

Check out our blog about a group that recently participated in a mini drive here

Donate $15 
A bit short on time? Consider donating $15 to The Period Purse, this will provide a month’s worth of period products to someone who needs them. Financial challenges can limit accessibility for menstruators affected by poverty and your donation can help address this problem by easing barriers to access.  

Your contribution and commitment to menstrual equity is important, it is an opportunity to take action and dedicate yourself to a cause that impacts over 500 million people in this world who menstruate. Dare to commit menstrual equity this year! 
#WeAreCommitted #MHDay2022

*here at The Period Purse, we use the term “health” instead of hygiene to encompass our education around periods, the fight for period equity, and advocacy of policy change.


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