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Aisle Partners with Fleming College to Donate $10,000 Worth of Period Products

Posted by Megan Apa on 2 February 2024
Aisle Partners with Fleming College to Donate $10,000 Worth of Period Products

In a powerful move towards sustainability and menstrual equity, period product company Aisle has teamed up with Fleming College to donate $10,000 worth of reusable period products.

Founded in 1993, Aisle was built on the belief that “the period aisle should be stocked with radically comfortable products that actually work — for people and the planet”. Their line of products ranges from reusable pads and liners, to leak proof underwear and menstrual cups, all designed with a goal to empower people with periods to embrace sustainability.

This joint initiative has allowed Fleming College to include reusable menstrual products in all of the Emergency Food Banks across their campuses. These food banks are operated by the Fleming Student Administrative Council (SAC), which provides a helping hand to students and families facing challenges in the community. These locations will now be able to offer long term, sustainable solutions to period poverty at a local level.

How much of a difference do reusable menstrual products make??

It’s becoming increasingly well known that reusable menstrual products have a positive environmental impact, thanks to the fact that they last for years with recommended use and care. 

Over 5 years of use, these reusable products are equivalent to a whopping 71,518 disposable pads/tampons. This stops roughly 717 kilograms of period products from ending up in landfills!

In donating these products, Aisle has avoided a staggering 2,516 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions. To provide a tangible comparison, this is equivalent to the emissions saved by driving a car for almost 10,000 kilometers!

The energy conserved through Aisle’s donation amounts to an impressive 26,450 kilowatt-hours. To put this in perspective, that's the equivalent to the energy consumption of 110,166 days (over 300 YEARS) of LED bulbs!

When it comes to making the world a better place, every act of kindness, no matter the scale, is a step in the right direction, whether you're a small business like Aisle, an institution like Fleming College, or a small group of friends contributing to a local food bank. By fostering a culture of compassion and empathy, we pave the way for a future where no one has to face the challenges of period poverty alone.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help end period poverty in your community, check out our Mini Drives.
Author:Megan Apa

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