Start a Mini-Drive in your Community

A Mini-Drive is essentially a smaller version of what we do at TPP - you will collect, sort and pack donations into purses for delivery to a shelter near you.

We want your Mini-Drive to be as successful (and easy) as possible.

We have created a handbook for people who want to run a mini-drive. This includes detailed instructions, tips, checklists, and flyers to help you advertise and complete your drive. Plus essential documents you need, such as the Period Pack Recipe and the Contraband List.

The Period Purse Mini Drive

Four important things about Mini-Drives

A Mini-Drive means you are creating purses/bags - no loose donations or just products. If you are unable to pack full purses, we recommend you take the collected donations to a local food bank.

The purses/bags MUST be packed according to the recipe provided and not contain any contraband items in accordance with the safety and security rules given to us by the shelters.

If in the GTA, we will suggest a shelter in need. If outside of the GTA you will need to find a shelter in your area. Either way, you will be responsible for scheduling and delivering the donation.

We suggest a $15 donation to TPP as a thank you for our administration and the use of this Mini-Drive handbook. This donation will go towards supporting our Outreach efforts.

Next Steps

To get started, please fill out our Mini-Drive Game Plan (please be sure to click SUBMIT at the very bottom of the page once complete).

Once the form is filled out, we will send you the handbook so you can get started on your great work!

If a Mini-Drive is not something you are ready to take on, you can sign up for our Newsletter to be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities. You can also learn more on our Get Involved page HERE.

Mini-Drive Game Plan

Thank you for being a supporter, and helping out people who menstruate in your city!

Have questions? Please email our Mini-Drive Coordinator.

RN: 723888327 RR 0001