Our Mission, Vision and Values


The Period Purse is a grassroots organization committed to distributing menstrual products, discreetly packaged inside fashionable purses, directly to homeless, abused, and impoverished menstruators across Canada.

the period purse mission
the period purse vision


To actively enhance the physical and emotional health of Canadian women/ those who menstruate living in shelters and on the streets.



Roughly 50% of the population menstruates. And yet somehow periods are still taboo?!

The Period Purse seeks to erase the taboo surrounding menstruation, and shed light on the heightened difficulties of menstruation-related hygiene for Canadians experiencing homelessness.


Homeless individuals who menstruate face a number of barriers to obtaining tampons and pads, as well as increased difficulty in accessing the proper hygiene materials and conditions for optimal reproductive health.

The Period Purse uses print materials, social media, and a website to educate the public and gain support for individuals affected by these struggles.


By providing community members with a number of easy, cost-effective, hands-on ways to donate and volunteer (including bag filled with tampon/pad donations, packing parties, deliveries, and night van volunteering), The Period Purse connects community members, shelters, and the individuals they house, creating meaningful, lasting relationships across the income spectrum.


Homelessness isn't just about losing the roof over your head. In many cases, homeless individuals have lost family, friends, and their sense of self-worth and confidence.

By delivering tampons and pads in a fashionable bag, filled with additional non-essential items such as chocolate, chapstick, new socks and underwear, and makeup, The Period Purse seeks to provide homeless individuals with a much-needed emotional boost.