How do I start a chapter in my hometown?

Please email our Chapter Admin for more information about what is required to be a Chapter Leader.


Is TPP a registered charity? Will I get a tax receipt for my cash donation?

Yes, TPP is a registered charity in Canada. Our business/ registration number is: 723888327 RR 0001.  When you donate online, you will automatically be emailed an invoice to use for a tax receipt.

Note: we do not give tax receipts for in-kind donations.


How can my shelter get a donation of free period products?

If you are a location in Toronto that serves the marginalized community, please fill out THIS FORM and we will get back to you soon.



Where can I deliver my donations?

In Toronto, please visit our blog HERE, to get details on where you can safely drop off your donations contactless.

Be sure to follow us on social media to get the latest updates. Want more updated information? Sign up for our newsletter HERE.

What can I donate right now?

We ONLY ACCEPT: period products (opened boxes are fine), new menstrual cups & cloth pads, new underwear, new cloth masks.

Can I donate opened period products?


Can I donate a purse/bag?

No, for Covid safety, we are only accepting: period products, underwear, cloth masks.



Where can I drop off donations outside of your blitzes in Toronto?

Located in Etobicoke (across the street from Ikea), we can accept donations all year round, anytime. Please find drop-off details and instructions HERE.


How do I get more information on your upcoming events?

Please check out our upcoming event information HERE.

Menstruation Nation

How do I get my school involved in The Period Purse/ Menstruation Nation?

If you would like to run a period product blitz in your school, email Tait@theperiodpurse.com. She will get you a how-to handbook.

If you are with a school class, club, or extra curricular group, we are now doing virtual presentations about periods! Email education@theperiodpurse.com to get more details and book a date with one of our trained instructors.

Menstrual Cups

Do you accept donations of menstrual cups?

Yes, please! Brand new in their boxes, please.

Why don't you just hand out menstrual cups, it's better for the environment and it's a sustainable solution?

We love menstrual cups, and we love getting them as donations. We do have a cup program where we work with certain shelters in Toronto. Menstrual cups need to come around education, and also, they are not for everyone. We are working towards getting more and more menstruators using a cup every month. To donate $40 towards the cost of a cup, please donate HERE.

Packing Parties

When is your next packing party in Toronto?

At this time, our packing parties are on hold. We do need volunteers in our storage unit to help pack (2 people at a time). If you can give 2 hours a month AND have a police clearance check, please EMAIL US to be added to our storage volunteer list.

Also sign up for the Newsletter HERE for future changes.


How can my company partner with The Period Purse?

Thank you for your interest! We get lots of requests and our volunteer team will get back to you in 2-4 weeks after you fill out our partnership intake form HERE.

RN: 723888327 RR 0001