How do I start a chapter in my hometown?

Please email our Chapter Coordinator for more information about what is required to be a Chapter Leader.


Is TPP a registered charity? Will I get a tax receipt for my cash donation?

Yes, TPP is a registered charity in Canada. Our business/ registration number is: 723888327 RR 0001.  When you donate online, you will automatically be emailed an invoice to use for a tax receipt.


How can I deliver purses to shelters?

Please email our Shelter Coordinator for more information on how you can help in East or West Toronto



Where can I deliver my donations?

If during blitz season (Spring & Fall), please see our drop-offs (and give them the two attachments of drop off locations- east and west Toronto). Also, watch our social media sites For more information about other cities, please find a "location" near you.

Can I donate opened period products?

Yes, if the tampons and pads are individually wrapped, we welcome the donations.


Where can I drop off donations outside of your blitzes (Spring & Fall) in Toronto?

We are 100% volunteer-run, so we only accept donations during our blitzes. Please watch our social media or sign up for our Newsletter to find out more about when our next blitz will happen and where you can drop off stuff during that time.


How do I get more information on your upcoming events?

Please check out our upcoming event information HERE.


How do I get my school involved in The Period Purse/ Menstruation Nation?

If you would like to run a period product blitz in your school, email Tait@theperiodpurse.com. She will get you a how-to handbook.

If you are in the TDSB, we are an approved Educational Program and we can do presentations at your school. Email education@theperiodpurse.com to get more details and book a date with one of our trained instructors.


Do you accept donations of menstrual cups?

Yes, please!

Why don't you just hand out menstrual cups, it's better for the environment and it's a sustainable solution?

We love menstrual cups, and we love getting them as donations. We do have a cup program where we work with certain shelters in Toronto. Menstrual cups need to come around education, and also, they are not for everyone. We are working towards getting more and more menstruators using a cup every month. To donate $40 towards the cost of a cup, please donate HERE.

Check out our Menstrual Cup Podcast here!


How do I collect products for you with my colleagues & friends?

Email our Mini Drive Coordinator.


How do I sign up for the packing parties in Toronto?

Sign up for the Newsletter HERE.

RN: 723888327 RR 0001