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Meet the Period Purse Team

Board of Directors

TPP Strategic Plan to 2021

Andrea Sobko, B.A (Hons.), B.Ed., J.D.

Chair, Governance Committee

Andrea Sobko

Andrea is a lawyer, educator, and feminist advocate. She is currently working as a pay equity specialist for a leading union that represents a female-dominated sector in Ontario.

She has a strong interest in women's human rights, and has worked with a range of feminist legal organizations to assist survivors of domestic violence with family, criminal, and immigration law matters.

Andrea obtained her J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School and also holds a bachelor of education and an honours bachelor of arts (sociology/psychology) from the University of Toronto.

Jana Girdauskas

Founder and Chair

Jana Girdauskas

Jana grew up always wanting to help others and her dream since she was a little girl was to run a charity! As Founder of The Period Purse, she wanted to help one person. She loves how that one idea has resonated so much with others and spread so wide. During the day, she is a special needs teacher, but she is in her happy place at home with her two young boys and her firefighter husband.

One day, she hopes to have more time to go back to her hobbies of sewing, reading, and crafts. Until then, it's all about her family, work, and making this non profit stronger and better.

Miranda McSorley

Chair, Fundraising Committee

Miranda McSorley

Born and raised in Collingwood, Miranda fell in love with the social service sector while pursuing a BA in Psychology and English at The University of Western Ontario. Inspired by her work with youth in treatment facilities and residential care for adults with addictions and disabilities, Miranda developed a deep passion for charitable fundraising.

In her role at The Period Purse, She is happy to help supporters make wise charitable investments with impact, and to spread kindness throughout our community.

Natalie Bates, CPA, CA

Treasurer and Secretary

Natalie Bates

Natalie currently works in finance at Mastercard Foundation. She holds a CPA, CA designation and graduated with a BBA from Wilfrid Laurier University.

With a strong passion for women's rights and a belief in women supporting one another, along with a desire to help those less fortunate, Natalie wants to be a strong ally in the vision at The Period Purse.

Natalie is particularly motivated by TPP's focus on eliminating the stigma around menstruation. She imagines a world where discussion of periods doesn't have to be taboo.

Sanja Mavrak, J.D., B.A. (Hons.)

Governance Committee

Sanja Mavrak

Sanja is a lawyer representing individuals who are facing criminal charges, as well as individuals and small businesses facing various types of contractual and commercial litigation issues. She obtained her undergraduate degree from The University of Western Ontario and her Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Australia.

Sanja has always had a passion for helping individuals and protecting their basic human rights. She is a strong advocate of helping those in need and making an impact, which is what drew her to TPP. Sanja believes that, as women, we should always strive to support and uplift each other, because when women support each other, incredible things happen.

Volunteer Coordinators

Brianne - Period Pack Coordinator

Dani - Social Media Coordinator

Megan - Administrative Coordinator

Elisha - Veahavta Van Coordinator

Grace - Command Centre Coordinator


Leviana - Media Coordinator

Maxine - Chapter Coordinator

Micah - Operations Coordinator

Tait - Menstruation Nation Coordinator

Lisa - Diva Cup Program