Jana had a dream about filling one purse...

Filling one purse with menstrual products and other wellness items, and keeping it in her car in preparation for the next time she saw a homeless woman while driving around the city. She had everything she needed to fill a purse at home, but she didn't have the purse. So she asked a local Facebook group if anyone had a spare purse lying around.

"Sure enough, I got one purse. Then another. And another. Within just one month I'd received 400 filled purse donations, and several other women across Canada had been inspired to open chapters in their own communities.

It's my belief that The Period Purse has gained such momentum for three reasons: It's a cause that's easy to connect with. It's a simple way for people to give and make a difference. And it's a project that spreads kindness during a time when our world needs it so badly.

People thank me for starting this organization, but it's not me. I'm just driving the bus! It's been the overwhelming support of community members across Canada that has contributed to our exponential growth".

- Jana Girdauskas, Founder & Director, 2017 -

Keynote Speaking

Since launching The Period Purse, Jana Girdauskas has provided motivational messaging at numerous public speaking events across the country. For more information on securing Jana as a guest speaker at your event, email her at jana@theperiodpurse.com