What is The Bloody Great Run?

May 28th is Menstrual Health Day and to honour the occasion, The Period Purse is launching its first annual Bloody Great Run.

Starting May 1st, 2021 teams will move (running, walking, rolling) 28 km over 28 days to raise $2,800. 

Why 28? Because it's the number of days in the average menstrual cycle, of course! All funds raised will support key programming for The Period Purse, including the provision of free menstrual products to those in need across Canada.

The Period Purse Mini Drive

How to Get Involved

STEP ONE: Recruit!

Find some friends, choose a team leader, and make a plan to clock 28 km during the month of May.

STEP TWO: Create!

Build your fundraising page.


Post your team's progress and success stories and tag @ThePeriodPurse.

Share period poverty facts with informative content we'll be posting throughout the month.

STEP FOUR: Fundraise!

  • Your goal is $2,800.
  • Include the link to your fundraising page in your social media profile.
  • Share content from TPP, or give updates, encourage your followers to donate.
  • Send an email to your friends & family who care about gender equality and menstrual equality.
  • Need some extra help with the wording? No problem! Use our handy fundraising email templates.

STEP FIVE: MOVE 28km! Run, walk, roll, move and have fun.

Run, walk, roll, move and have fun.

Want to lead a team?

Your primary role is to inspire your teammates and keep them motivated as they achieve their exercise and fundraising goals. Click the link below to read more.


What if I don't raise enough money?
No problem! Though $2,800 is the goal, anything you raise is helpful and impactful.

Who is eligible to participate?
Anyone and everyone in Canada!

Where does the money go?
The money will support our mission: To strive for menstrual equity and educate the next generation through our pillars of outreach, education and advocacy.

Where does this event take place?
Due to COVID 19, this event will take place individually. Each participant is responsible for running/walking the 28 km over 28 days by themselves. One day, we hope to hold this event in the community, but for everyone's safety it will be virtual and individual for now.

Why May 28th? And why 28?
May 28th is Menstrual Health Day. The average menstruation cycle is 28 days long.

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