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Why doesn’t The Period Purse just give out menstrual cups?

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This is a question we receive a lot. But menstrual cups aren't a silver bullet solution to period poverty. Not everyone chooses them, not everyone has access to clean water, not everyone has the education around them to know how to use them. Choice, water, education- these are all necessary elements in the use of a menstrual cup! That being said, we do have a program in which we donate cups to organizations (see below).

Donation of Menstrual Cups

With the support of our amazing sponsor DivaCup, we donate menstrual cups to any Canadian organization comprised of frontline workers interacting with people in the margins. Once you take our 30-minute training, you'll be able to receive FREE donations of menstrual cups shipped to you. Our Cups Coordinators do 1-2 presentations a month to locations that serve people living in the margins. These free 30-minute training sessions include: sizing and fit, how to use a cup, and cup cleaning, enabling organizations to share this knowledge with their clients.
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How can I learn about menstrual cups?

A few times a year, The Period Purse conducts free Tea Chats in which we teach guests how to use a menstrual cup and other reusable period products. Want to join our next session? Sign up for our newsletter to be informed of the next date.

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