10 September 2020

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Menstruation Nation for Universities and Colleges

by Tait Gamble
Are you a college or university student passionate about making a difference for people who menstruate in your community? Starting a Menstruation Nation (MN) might be for you. A Menstruation Nation is a spirited and positive group of students and friends that wants to help raise awareness about...

30 August 2020

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Donations, Dymon and Storage

It's official!

The Period Purse (TPP) has grown up and moved into its own place in Toronto! Settling into a new facility will provide growth opportunities for us as an organization and our donation capabilities in the future. It also means there are slight changes to the ways you can don...

19 August 2020

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Period Diaries - Volume 1

by Sarah Niedoba
As adults, it can be easy to forget the visceral feeling of getting your period for the first time. But when the subject comes up, it can bring us right back to those memories. It's something that Saara Siddiqi knows all too well, as a program manager at St. Stephen's house with de...

29 June 2020

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Statement of Solidarity: Black Lives Matter

by Board of Directors
Black Lives Matter. We believe that health equity is a shared responsibility, and that it will take a collective effort of support, cooperation and active participation to create real, sustainable change. The Period Purse stands with activists here in Toronto and beyond who are fighting again...

24 June 2020

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Why We Work for People Who Menstruate

by Sarah Niedoba
At the Period Purse, we work to destigmatize menstruation and address period poverty. And part of that work is changing the conversation. We understand the weight that words carry. It's why we're constantly evaluating the language we use to discuss periods, and the people who experien...

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