17 March 2020

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Supporting Vulnerable Communities During COVID-10

by Sarah Niedoba
Like you, we've been closely monitoring the latest news of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to extend our thoughts to you at this difficult and stressful time. As you know, now more than ever it is essential that we continue to support our most vulnerable. Members of our community who are...

8 March 2020

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No Pad? What Do You Do?

by Sarah Niedoba
Picture this: You're out for the day, in the middle of an errand, a meeting or just sitting in traffic. Suddenly, you feel a familiar feeling of dread wash over you. You've got your period, but you don't have a pad. Sound familiar? We've all faced this problem at some point...

20 February 2020

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Donations, Dymon and Storage - The Period Purse Finds Its Place

by Micah Rodrigues
It's official!

The Period Purse has grown up and moved into its own place in Toronto! Settling into a new facility will provide growth opportunities for us as an organization and our donation capabilities in the future. It also means there are slight changes to the ways you can donate in...

3 December 2019

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10 Important Reasons to Donate to The Period Purse on Giving Tuesday

by Sarah Niedoba
Every year, after scoring last minute deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, another holiday asks you to open your wallet one more time but for a very different reason. Since 2011, Giving Tuesday has been a day for people to come together and support charitable organizations in their comm...

23 November 2019

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Legendary Canadian Singer Bif Naked Talks First Period Stories and Menstrual Equity

by Bif Naked
It was around the time that Bif Naked's Spaceman came out, in March of 1998, that I got my first period. Recently, I found myself talking on the phone with the legendary Canadian singer, over 20 years since that banger was released and, evidently, over 20 years since I first started menstruat...

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