21 April 2019

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Chapter Leader Reflection: Megan Scott in Sault Ste. Marie

by Megan Scott

Photo Credit: Megan Scott
A snapshot from the Sault Ste. Marie 2018 Fall Blitz. Left to Right: Volunteers Melinda Rainone, Anne Rainone, Megan Scott and Elise Nelson. I can still remember the day I heard about The Period Purse. My sister-in-law, Brianne Hamilton, was volunteering at a...

7 April 2019

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Lessons from the Ve'ahavta Van: How equal access to hygiene products is indeed a homelessness reduction tactic

by Elisha Chesler

Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash When we think of people experiencing homelessness and the challenges they face, the most pressing concerns that come to mind are often around basic human needs: Where does someone sleep? How does a person access food? How do they keep warm? Through Th...

23 March 2019

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Join The Period Purse for our Toronto Spring Blitz, from April 5 to April 26, 2019

by Micah Rodrigues
The windows are down; the sun is shining; the music is blaring; and the dark grey SUV is cruising around the city of Toronto. Is it a best friends' day out? Some pals going for a beer? A family spending quality time? It could be, but the car is packed to the brim with tampons, pads and wel...

1 March 2019

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Marching Towards Change and Investing in Opportunities for Inclusive Representation and Equity: Important Days and Action Items in March 2019

by Micah Rodrigues
With the warmer, steadier, temperatures hopefully on the horizon, our collective thoughts are turning to spring in anticipation of the refreshing sense of renewal around the corner. As we focus on the possibilities of change and growth ahead, March is the perfect time to also think about ...

24 February 2019

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The Period Purse Turns Two!

by Danielle Kaftarian
Photo Credit: Danielle Kaftarian
Danielle Kaftarian drives her car filled with period products for marginalized menstruators. I met Jana Girdauskas, the founder of The Period Purse, nine years ago. Quickly I discovered her drive to spread kindness to others. It wasn't uncomm...