10 October 2019

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Help Bring Period Products to Toronto's Marginalized Menstruators with The Period Purse's Fall Blitz

by Sarah Niedoba
With fall finally here and the weather slowly getting cooler, you may be wondering what you can do to help Toronto's marginalized communities. It can be an overwhelming question. With so many valuable organizations and causes seeking your donations and support, where do you start? Often...

3 September 2019

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Sustainable Period Products: What's the 411?

by Lunapads
With files from Lunapads
A drawer full of reusable cloth pads. Photo courtesy of Lunapads. Today, we're talking about sustainable period products and hope to answer some common questions and concerns that may arise when considering a switch from disposable options to something more bu...

8 July 2019

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Mini Drives That Work: Increasing Employee Engagement While Enhancing Period Positivity

by Micah Rodrigues
According to Inc., millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. This will impact work environments in many ways: more tech, more flexibility, more collaboration and more social activism. Millennials are driving corporate social responsibility (CSR) across multiple ind...

29 June 2019

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The Menstruation Nation Expands: Diva Cup Programs and Period Presentations

by Tait Gamble
  Tait Gamble at her high school graduation. When I finished grade 12, I was worried that the enthusiasm and passion for menstrual equity we built up in my graduating year would waver when I left. In the past, some successful student-led fundraisers and initiatives had been popu...

26 May 2019

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We're Hosting a Fundraiser. Period.

by Gina Nicoll

Join us at our  inaugural Fundraiser. Period. event for Menstrual Hygiene Day I am writing this on my period. As I type that, I recall the comments I've heard when talking about menstruation in public: "Ewww!" "Gross!" "Dirty!" Or, "You must b...

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