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Choosing Sustainable Period Products

Posted by Jannie Nheng on 26 November 2022
Choosing Sustainable Period Products

Period products like tampons, liners and pads, are made with plastic, which has negative ecological impacts on our environment. These products can take up to 450 years to decompose in landfills, sewer systems and waterways. If you are looking for more ecologically friendly period products, take heart! There are many reusable options on the market to consider. 

Consider the options available 

Over the course of a lifetime, a single menstruator will use an average of 4,000 pads and tampons, so there are ample opportunities to find the right reusable product. 

Trina, mother of a 12 year old, offers advice on how she helps her kids choose the right products.She says, “my advice to other parents is to talk to your child. Let them know what's out there - explore it together and ask them what they think works best for them. I try to have several options available at home for when they are needed. We went to the Knix store with one of my child's friends and their mother.” 

“We let the kids pick out the styles they found most comfortable and then went out for ice cream. We made it into a special day.”

When menstruators have access to credible information, it can help them better understand their bodies, make good decisions for their health and make informed choices about which menstrual products to use. 

Angela, mother of two shared, “I used disposable pads until I was a young adult because my mother was worried that using tampons meant you weren't a virgin so she told me to just use pads! As a nurse, it was very important that my kids only have accurate information (unlike what I was taught!) so they were given factual information about [period products] right from the start.”

“Figure out what works best for you”

Finding the right reusable product can take time. Angela suggests, “figure out what works best for you, and what your preferences are for each stage of your period.  For my teens, they prefer cloth pads just overnight and on days they'll be home so they don't have to change them somewhere else.” 

The demand for more sustainable period products has increased and fortunately options have never been greater.  Start exploring different products out there! 


Reference: https://globalnews.ca/news/6535090/pads-tampons-climate-change/ 

Author:Jannie Nheng

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