Menstruation Nation - Education around periods

Elementary & High Schools

Period Presentations

The Period Purse offers three VIRTUAL period positive presentations to groups of young people by our trained educators! Our topics are:

  1. Periods 101 (Gr. 5-8), in collaboration with Dr. Steffe ND
  2. Period Poverty (for all)
  3. Reusable Period Products (Gr. 9-12)

We believe in educating the next generation to reduce the stigma around periods.

Inquire about booking a presentation today! Please note that there is a $100 donation fee to TPP for each presentation.

menstruation nation - Tait Gamble

Run a Menstruation Nation

The Period Purse is expanding our Menstruation Nation education program into more schools. Are you a middle, high school, or post secondary student or teacher? Start the menstruation conversation and help us reduce the stigma around periods. Donate to others in your community who need free menstrual products and join us in the fight to end period poverty.

There are 4 ways to run Menstruation Nation in your school:

  1. Collect period products
  2. Online team fundraiser
  3. Online MN Presentations
  4. Or all of the above

Menstruation Nation Story

In 2017, Tait Gamble, a then-17-year-old high school student, began research for a program that would supply free pads and tampons within her school. Upon discovering The Period Purse, Tait began running product drives, and launched "Menstruation Nation" as a way to reduce the stigma around menstrual health.

In 2018, Tait won two graduating awards for leadership and community service. As a result of her commitment, Menstruation Nation continues to expand into schools across Ontario, educating high school students about period health and wellness.

Menstruation Nation Tait Gamble

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