The Period Purse London location

London Chapter

80 Period Packs Donated


25 Purses Donated


Drop Off Locations

Drop off 1:
221 Base Line Rd East
Items can be left on the front porch, which is quite secure.

Drop off 2:
Precision Home Medical Equipment Store
13A-390 Springbank Drive
Open 9-5 Monday to Friday

Drop off 3:
Jaydancin & Zoe's Market Place
2454 Main St., London (Lambeth) 
Tuesday to Saturday 10-6
Closed Sunday and Monday


We can also arrange to pick up if none of the locations are convenient


The London blitz is donating to the following shelters:


May 7th to June 11th, 2018


Check out our Donate Items page for more information on the items we need!

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For more information, please contact the coordinator, Susan