Moontime Reusable Kits

indiginous communities - moontime reusable kits

The Period Purse takes seriously the issues of our responsibilities being on Indigenous territories. We have partnered with an Indigenous Community to bring Moontime Reusable Kits to young people going through their rite of passage and learning about their moontime (period).

Every year, The Period Purse proudly works with a rural Indigenous community to bring them Moontime Reusable Kits. These kits include:

  • Menstrual cup (various brands)
  • Two reusable cloth pads
  • Reusable period underwear
  • Cloth "carrying" bag (to keep their period products in)
  • Motivational note with an Indigenous artwork and written in their language
  • Comforting item (moontime oil is requested for 2021)

To learn more, review the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)'s recommended list of actions items and next steps.

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