The Period Purse and COVID-19 - Official Statement from the Chair of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors and I hope that everybody and their families are safe and protected from the coronavirus that is a global concern for all communities around the world today.

Given the climate of this global situation, we would like to request that all staff and volunteers associated with The Period Purse take precautions and adhere to recommendations as specified by our local public health professionals, federal and provincial government entities.

We are cognizant that quarantine at this time may result in limited resources and a stop to the operations of the important work we do at The Period Purse. For the safety of our staff and volunteers, as well as the general public we have made the difficult decision to hold all operations at this time, until further notice.

We are sensitive to the fact that our volunteers are very committed to what we do here at The Period Purse. Please note all Board meetings will still be held to ensure strategic direction continues and meetings shall take place via teleconference moving forward, until further notice.

Please also note all planning of activities and events that are considered ' in-person ' shall be halted until further notice.

If there are any concerns whatsoever please feel free to reach out to the Chair of the Board of Directors, Amy Syed at

RN: 723888327 RR 0001